Purse Snatching
"Impossible! How could this happen to me..." is how most victims of purse-snatching start their stories. If you begin with the mindset, "They are after me.." and undertake some trifling anti-theft measures, you can reduce your chances of being victimized.

Points of Crime Prevention
Hold your bag or luggage on the opposit side of the roadway.
Avoid walking on quiet back streets. Walk on busy main streets as much as possible.
Have a cover (crime prevention net, etc.) on the carrier or basket of your bicycle.
Be careful of motorcycles and bicycles coming from behind you.
Stop talking on the phone, or writing emails while walking; it is incredibly dangerous as it distracts you from your surroundings.
Bicycle / Motorcycle Theft
Points of Crime Prevention
Attach multiple locks to your bike.
When parking your motorcycle, do not forget to remove the ignition key, lock the handlebars, and place a wire lock (or a bar lock) on your motorcycle.
Park your motorcycle in a designated parking place, not on the road.
Home Invaders
Points of Crime Prevention
Be sure to properly close your doors! Everything starts with being sure your doors are properly closed!

Even if you are just stepping out for a second to throw out your garbage, be absolutely certain to close and lock your doors.
Be sure that ALL entrances to your property are shut, including even small windows (like the one in many bathrooms).
Even if it is "just the balcony", you must lock and shut it; no exceptions!
Before going out or going to sleep, inspect each door and window and ensure that they are all locked and closed.
The Building Perimeter
Maintain a mesh-type fence that ensures an unobstructed view of the surroundings
Trim all shrubs to make sure there is no hiding place for suspicious people.
Install sensor lighting to automatically illuminate dark places when someone enters your secure perimeter.
Increase your surveillance ability by installing security cameras.
Keep a dog and spread gravel around your secure perimeter; the gravel will produce noise, and the dog will make it difficult for them to get near your property.
Leaving nothing outside that could be used to penetrate your secure perimeter (Garbage cans, ladders)
The Entrance ⁄ Kitchen Door ⁄ Etc...
Switch the door and locks with anti-theft material that is difficult to destroy.
Keep a light by your gate, and turn it on regularly when it becomes dark.
Don't let them know you are away by letting the newspaper ⁄ mail pile up in the mailbox.
Windows ⁄ Sash
Use anti-theft glass that is difficult to destroy
Apply anti-theft film to existing glass to increase the difficulty in burglarizing your property.
Install a Sash lock
Waist-high windows should be fitted with crystal-lattice patterning.
Install an auxiliary lock in addition to the normal crescent lock. This auxiliary should ideally be located above and below the sash
Install a window buzzer that sounds an alarm if the glass is broken.
Sex Crimes
When you return to the house.

Even if it is longer, take a bright road with more people on it.
Stop talking on the phone, or listening to music through earphones while walking; it is incredibly dangerous as it distracts you from your surroundings.
If it is very late, have someone from home meet you at the station or call a taxi.
Just in case, keep a crime-prevention buzzer in your bag and carry it in your hand while walking.
For girls living alone
When entering the house.
Before opening the door, pay careful attention to make sure there are no suspicious persons in your vicinity.
When opening the door, swiftly dash inside and immediately lock the door behind you.
Be sure to say "I'm home" in a loud voice if you are returning home.
Before Sleeping
Make sure that the door and easy-to-enter locations are closed and locked.
*Even the balcony should be closed; there are examples of people entering from the balcony, even when it is one floor up.
For Visitors..
Confirm the identity of the visitor before opening the door.
Talk to the person without removing the door chain.
* ( If the person claims to be from a delivery company, confirm the sender and the item being delivered )